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Collected papers of Šibenik College : Collected papers of Šibenik College, No.3-4/2017 July 2017.

Professional paper


Nikolina Gaćina ; Veleučilište u Šibeniku, Šibenik, Hrvatska

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Gaćina, N. (2017). SPECIFIČNOSTI AUTOHTONIH HRVATSKIH PRŠUTA. Zbornik radova Veleučilišta u Šibeniku, (3-4/2017), 57-62. Retrieved from

In Croatia, traditional production of prosciutto has existed since ancient times. The specifi city of Croatian prosciuttos is derived from diff erent processing technologies. Croatian authentic prosciuttos are Istrian, or originally Istrian prosciutto, Krčki, Dalmatian and Drniški prosciutto. Among them, only Istrian proscutto has EU and national label of Protected Destination of Origin (PDO) while Krčki, Dalmatinski and Drniški prosciutto have EU and national label of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), primarily due to the non-compliance of pigs and the production of ham. In this paper, the traditional methods of production of each of the mentioned prosciutto have been compared, as well as the prominent similarities and diff erences in the technology as well as in the organoleptics that derive from the specifi c production technology.

Istrian or Istrian prosciutto; Krčki prosciutto; Dalmatian prosciutto; Drniški prosciutto; authentic Croatian product.

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