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Raúl Villa-Caro   ORCID icon ; University of A Coruña
Juan Carlos Carral ; Carral Design Engineering Solutions
José Ángel Fraguela   ORCID icon ; University of A Coruña
Mario López   ORCID icon ; University of Oviedo
Luis Carral   ORCID icon ; University of A Coruña

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APA 6th Edition
Villa-Caro, R., Carral, J.C., Fraguela, J.Á., López, M. i Carral, L. (2018). A REVIEW OF SHIP MOORING SYSTEMS. Brodogradnja, 69 (1), 123-149.
MLA 8th Edition
Villa-Caro, Raúl, et al. "A REVIEW OF SHIP MOORING SYSTEMS." Brodogradnja, vol. 69, br. 1, 2018, str. 123-149. Citirano 16.10.2021.
Chicago 17th Edition
Villa-Caro, Raúl, Juan Carlos Carral, José Ángel Fraguela, Mario López i Luis Carral. "A REVIEW OF SHIP MOORING SYSTEMS." Brodogradnja 69, br. 1 (2018): 123-149.
Villa-Caro, R., et al. (2018). 'A REVIEW OF SHIP MOORING SYSTEMS', Brodogradnja, 69(1), str. 123-149.
Villa-Caro R, Carral JC, Fraguela JÁ, López M, Carral L. A REVIEW OF SHIP MOORING SYSTEMS. Brodogradnja [Internet]. 2018 [pristupljeno 16.10.2021.];69(1):123-149.
R. Villa-Caro, J.C. Carral, J.Á. Fraguela, M. López i L. Carral, "A REVIEW OF SHIP MOORING SYSTEMS", Brodogradnja, vol.69, br. 1, str. 123-149, 2018. [Online].

The physical principle that governs how ships are moored to a port has changed little over the years. Nevertheless, in recent decades, there have been developments in maritime transport towards increased vessel dimensions and operations in specialist terminals. These trends mean that offshore ports and mooring systems have to face more challenging conditions in terms of the waves, wind and drift current. At the same time, pier side port loading and unloading systems place demands on the mooring system, which must immobilise ships better. In this situation, the mooring system’s own equipment, such as lines, deck fittings and mooring winches, must also evolve to work alongside new port devices. It is also necessary to point out that changes in mooring will take place in subsequent years. These innovations in attaching the ship to the pier will be highlighted here as they mark a significant change in mooring and pier components.

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Shipping; Ports; Ship; Mooring; Mooring lines; Mooring winches

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