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Man and Culture of »Spiritual Desert«

Marko Vučetić   ORCID icon ; University of Zadar, Department of Philosophy, Zadar, Croatia

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APA 6th Edition
Vučetić, M. (2008). Čovjek i kultura »duhovne pustinje«. Filozofska istraživanja, 28 (1), 163-176. Preuzeto s
MLA 8th Edition
Vučetić, Marko. "Čovjek i kultura »duhovne pustinje«." Filozofska istraživanja, vol. 28, br. 1, 2008, str. 163-176. Citirano 07.04.2020.
Chicago 17th Edition
Vučetić, Marko. "Čovjek i kultura »duhovne pustinje«." Filozofska istraživanja 28, br. 1 (2008): 163-176.
Vučetić, M. (2008). 'Čovjek i kultura »duhovne pustinje«', Filozofska istraživanja, 28(1), str. 163-176. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 07.04.2020.)
Vučetić M. Čovjek i kultura »duhovne pustinje«. Filozofska istraživanja [Internet]. 2008 [pristupljeno 07.04.2020.];28(1):163-176. Dostupno na:
M. Vučetić, "Čovjek i kultura »duhovne pustinje«", Filozofska istraživanja, vol.28, br. 1, str. 163-176, 2008. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 07.04.2020.]

Man is a being of dialogue, being of communication, and this is the area where signs of possible crisis most visibly manifest themselves. C. Fabro, analysing communicational situation of contemporary man, notices how silence have replaced speaking. Dialogue with him/herself, which is the condition for dialogue with others, is substituted by man’s endeavour in establishing external dialogue with the world around him/her, by means of art, culture and philosophy. Culture, made in circumstances of so called »spiritual desert«(Fabro), itself becomes a culture of existential-spiritual collapse.
This article critically examines thesis on man’s solitude, or his/hers devotion on spiritual-cultural desert, exclusively because he/she has distanced him/heself from his/her foundations, i. e. because primary interest of his/hers does not lay in the area of Being and reality, but in the area of possible and virtual.

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Cornelio Fabro; man; culture; existence; Being; freedom

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