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Original scientific paper

The Architect Srećko (Felix) Florschütz

Jasenka Kranjčević

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Kranjčević, J. (1997). Graditelj Srećko (Feliks) Florschütz. Prostor, 5 (2(14)), 273-294. Retrieved from
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The author analyzes newly discovered projects by the architect Srećko Florschütz designed between 1909 and 1930 in Zagreb. His known opus has now doubled. In this paper it is divided into stages, described, and placed in the context of the entire creativity and architecture of modern middle-class Zagreb. The first presentation of Srećko Florschütz's work was published in Prostor No. 1-2, 1994.

arch.of modern Zagreb; Florschütz, Srećko; tenement villa; tenement house

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