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Stanislav Kink ; Student board „Ivan Cankar“, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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S. Kink, "MEDIJSKO OPISMENJAVANJE ODRASLIH", Informatologia, vol.42, br. 3, str. 222-227, 2009. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 16.06.2021.]

Due to the accelerated dynamics of media changes, the media education needs to be constantly adapted. Experts in communications warn about the lack of interest in media education. In spite of the general acknowledgement that media education is becoming an essential part of civic education, media education for adults is underdeveloped in Slovenia. At the level of educational policy we cannot find a common and harmonised strategy and there is considerable lack of interest in media education. The final goal of media education is raising the level of media literacy among citizens, so that they are able to use the media to obtain quality information and to efficiently present their positions and wishes and participate in public communications. It is therefore of paramount importance to introduce uniform media education programmes that will help the citizens develop knowledge, skills and attitude towards the media, thus strengthening their critical conscience and responsible behaviour. Media education must be present at all levels of education since it is not possible to implement the programmes of media education for children without media-literate adults.

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education; adults; media education; media literacy; life-long learning

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