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Croatian Geographical Bulletin, Vol.71. No.2. December 2009.

Original scientific paper

Spatial Segregation of the Roma Population in Međimurje County

Hrvoje Šlezak ; Primary school Kuršanec, Kuršanec

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Šlezak, H. (2009). Prostorna segregacija romskog stanovništva u Međimurskoj županiji. Hrvatski geografski glasnik, 71.(2.). doi:10.21861/hgg.2009.71.02.04

The aspect of spatial segregation of the Roma population has not been considered until now as part of the variety of planned actions towards achieving the goal of better integration of the Roma national minority in Croatian society. This paper analyzes spatial segregation
of the Roma population in Međimurje County, providing results that could contribute to a better understanding of the spatial structure in which the Roma population participate. The results of quantitative indicators suggest a high level of segregation of the Roma minority on the local scale in Međimurje, while it is not so obvious on the county scale. At the County level, Roma people are settled in many municipalities. Segregation is more obvious on the local scale, where Roma people live largely in nationally homogeneous settlements,
or with parts of the settlements spatially separated from the rest of the local population. Successful integration of the Roma minority depends on future actions taken, aiming at minimizing spatial segregation, which is closely connected to other segregational aspects.

Roma people; spatial segregation; Međimurje

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