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Studia ethnologica Croatica, Vol.12/13 No.1 Rujan 2003.

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We Have Built the Out-Door Oven First Baker's or Out-Door Oven in the Western Slavonia

Manda Svirac ; Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia

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Svirac, M. (2001). Najprije smo gradili vanjsku peć. Krušna ili vanjska peć u zapadnoj Slavoniji. Studia ethnologica Croatica, 12/13(1), 111-124. Preuzeto s

On the basis of the field records from the second half oh the 20th century and recent field researches done by the author, this article stresses out, together with the name and the form of the baker's ovens, the important place and role they played in everyday life of the inhabitants of the Western Slavonia. The most common term used for this oven is the 'out-door oven', because it was usually built in the open part of the housing. It is often situated next to the pusnica, this second most important little building used for the smoking and conservation of meat. The title of the article is taken from informants in Dragalići, who, after they returned to Slavonia after the Homeland war in 1996., firstly built the out-door oven, then the pušnica (smoke house), and then the rest of the buildings. The expert literature and writings on this subject in this specific region lack relevant information, and hence in this article, the data which are systematized and typologised are from the following villages: Badljevina, Borovac, Brezovac, Dragalić, Drenov Bok, Kukunjevac, Prekopakra, Gornja Šumetlica, Gornji Uljanik, Gređani, Kozarice, Košutarica, Gornji Bogićevci, Rogolji, Novi i Stari Grabovac, Strmac. We can distinguish two main types of the ovens: those made of hurdle and those with a brick vault. The majority of the ovens are smaller and lack a chimney. The possible reconstruction should focus on ovens made of hurdle and clay, since these are the basic materials (wood and earth) which surround the man, they are easy to obtain, and they can be used to satisfy the primary personal needs or the needs of those who surround us, and in this case, this is the preparation of the basic provision, bread.

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baker's oven; out-door oven; Western Slavonia

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