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Ljiljana Vranjković ; OŠ Josipa Lovretića, Otok, Hrvatska

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The recognition of different forms of giftedness and talent in children and guiding their capacity is a major challenge for many parents and teachers. One of the big mistakes you are doing is a division of the primary school students in gifted and nedarovite, the good and bad. Children develop at different speeds in different capacities. Splitting the gifted and frustration children who are in the process of evelopment and that development. The initial failure to be a challenge for a new trial. Children look at the environment predominantly black and white. If you company is divided into successful and unsuccessful, she ranked among unsuccessfully to discourage, identify with failure, and although they want to be
better, ceases to believe that it can begin to treat the properties brzopletog alignment.

Ključne riječi
giftedness; talent; creativity (creativity); flexibility; fluency; elaboration; sensitivity to problems

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