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Datum izdavanja: siječanj 2015.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 31. 1. 2015.
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Cloud Robotics Model (str.1-8) engleskipdf 831 KB
Gyula Mester
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Moving towards Cloud Security (str.9-14) engleskipdf 494 KB
Edit Szilvia Rubóczki, Zolatn Rajnai
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Synopsis of Soft Computing Techniques used in Quadrotor UAV Modelling and Control (str.15-25) engleskipdf 632 KB
Attila Nemes
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Cloud Robotics Platforms (str.26-33) engleskipdf 660 KB
Busra Koken
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Concepts of the Internet of Things from the Aspect of the Autonomous Mobile Robots (str.34-40) engleskipdf 644 KB
Janos Simon
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Motion Control of Wheeled Mobile Robots (str.41-47) engleskipdf 515 KB
Birol Kocaturk
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The Requirements of the Installation of the Critical Informational Infrastructure and its Management (str.48-56) engleskipdf 465 KB
Béla Puskas, Zoltan Rajnai
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Towards an Agent Based Framework for Modelling Smart Self-Sustainable Systems (str.57-70) engleskipdf 571 KB
Igor Tomičić, Markus Schatten
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Modular Approach to Designing Computer Cultural Systems: Culture as a Thermodynamic Machine (str.71-81) engleskipdf 526 KB
Leland Gibsen
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Social behavior and the superorganism: Implications for disease and stability in complex animal societies and Colony Collapse Disorder in Honeybees (str.82-98) engleskipdf 578 KB
Niccolo Caldararo
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Organizing for Emergencies - Issues in Wildfire Fighting in Croatia (str.99-116) engleskipdf 931 KB
Robert Fabac, Davor Đalog, Vinko Zebić
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Quality of Lessons in Traditional and Electronic Textbooks (str.117-127) engleskipdf 730 KB
Snežana Laketa, Darko Drakulić
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Assessing Credit Default using Logistic Regression and Multiple Discriminant Analysis: Empirical Evidence from Bosnia and Herzegovina (str.128-153) engleskipdf 1 MB
Deni Memić
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Business Sample Survey Measurement on Statistical Thinking and Methods Adoption: the Case of Croatian Small Enterprises (str.154-166) engleskipdf 717 KB
Berislav Žmuk
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Who Creates the Time: Nature or Human? (str.167-172) engleskipdf 399 KB
Sergey Kulikov
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The Current Status of the Magnetoplasma Compressor Device in Belgrade – Study of Plasma Facing Materials Important for Fusion Reactors (str.173-181) engleskipdf 1 MB
Nora Trklja
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