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Publication date: June 2015

Published on HRČAK: 15 July 2015
Table of contents Full text
Performance effects of the business process change in large enterprises: The case of Croatia (str.1-22) englishpdf 492 KB
Ivan Peronja
Original scientific paper
The representation of expatriates in the corporate governance of subsidiaries of multinational companies: A study from the Czech Republic (str.23-37) englishpdf 393 KB
Petr Pirožek, Lenka Komarkova
Preliminary communication
Quality assessment in higher education using the SERVQUALQ model (str.39-57) englishpdf 419 KB
Sabina Đonlagić, Samira Fazlić
Preliminary communication
An assessment of factors affecting organizational commitment among shift workers in India (str.59-77) englishpdf 372 KB
R. K. Jena
Preliminary communication
The role of organizational innovation in achieving and maintaining company’s business excellence (str.79-100) englishpdf 529 KB
Andrijana Ostojić Mihić, Bahrija Umihanić, Senad Fazlović
Preliminary communication
Designing the model for evaluating business quality in Croatia (str.101-129) englishpdf 539 KB
Ana Ježovita
Preliminary communication
Establishing and reporting content validity evidence of Training and Development Capacity Building Scale (TDCBS) (str.131-158) englishpdf 642 KB
N. R. Aravamudhan, R. Krishnaveni
Preliminary communication
Employee participation in decision making: Evidence from state owned enterprise in Indonesia (str.159-172) englishpdf 391 KB
Dodi W. Irawanto
Short communication, Note
One Person Company (OPC) - The new business format for small retailers in India (str.173-181) englishpdf 340 KB
M. B. C. Dorathy
Professional paper
Business performance assessment and the EFQM Excellence Model 2010 (case study) (str.183-190) englishpdf 354 KB
Andrea Seňová, Mária Antošová
Exploring leadership in self-managed project teams in Malaysia (str.191-206) englishpdf 371 KB
Zaleha Yazid
How to apply academic supply chain management: The case of an international university (str.207-221) englishpdf 332 KB
G. Gopalakrishnan
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