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Publication date: June 2017

Published on HRČAK: 02 July 2017
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New multidimensional approaches to poverty measurement in Bosnia and Herzegovina (str.1-15) englishpdf 540 KB
Adela Delalić, Rabija Somun – Kapetanović, Emina Resić
Original scientific paper
The interrelationship between media reports and the recession in Croatia (str.16-34) englishpdf 452 KB
Mirjana Čižmešija, Petar Sorić, Ivana Lolić
Original scientific paper
The long-run impact of personal income taxation on economic development: Evidence from Croatia (str.35-44) englishpdf 234 KB
Irena Palić, Berislav Žmuk, Barbara Grofelnik
Original scientific paper
Testing out the disciplinary role of debt in Croatian banks (str.45-62) englishpdf 576 KB
Mario Bambulović, Ivan Huljak, Antonija Kožul
Original scientific paper
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