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Publication date: November 2009

Published on HRČAK: 20 July 2020
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Recent developments in nonlinear shell theory with finite rotations and finite deformations (str.1-14) englishpdf 442 KB
Adnan Ibrahimbegović, Boštjan Brank
Original scientific paper
Mathematical formulation of the space curvature of the tendon in the PC structures (str.15-22) englishpdf 259 KB
Mirela Galić, Pavao Marović, Željana Nikolić
Original scientific paper
Economic order quantity under retailer partial trade credit in two-echelon supply chain (str.23-31) englishpdf 127 KB
Yung-Fu Huang, Yu-Cheng Tu, Hung-Fu Huang, Yale Wang
Original scientific paper
Response spectrum of the Jugo wind force (str.33-41) croatianpdf 367 KB
Ante Mihanović, Željana Nikolić
Preliminary communication
Trajectory planning of jumping over an obstacle for one-legged jumping robot (str.43-55) englishpdf 640 KB
Zhaohong Xu, Tiansheng Lu, Xuyang Wang, Fang Ling
Preliminary communication
Automatic generation and verification of railway interlocking control tables using FSM and NuSMV (str.57-63) englishpdf 223 KB
Ahmad Mirabadi, Mohammad Bemani Yazdi
Preliminary communication
A plug and play model for JINI based on-line relay control for power system protection (str.65-68) englishpdf 65 KB
Kannan Nithiyananthan, Velimuthu Ramachandran
Professional paper
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