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Datum izdavanja: rujna 2018.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 30. 9. 2018.
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A Soft Computing Method for Efficient Modelling of Smart Cities Noise Pollution (str.302-312) engleskipdf 653 KB
Attila Nemes, Gyula Mester, Tibor Mester
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The Cybersecurity Capability Aspects of Smart Government and Industry 4.0 Programmes (str.313-319) engleskipdf 318 KB
Miklós Kiss, Lajos Muha
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Illustrating Training Opportunities Related to Manpower Facility Protection through the Example of Máv Co. (str.320-326) engleskipdf 437 KB
Anikó Szabó, Endre Szűcs, Tamás Berek
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The Categorization and Information Technology Security of Automated Vehicles (str.327-332) engleskipdf 351 KB
Attila Albini, Dániel Tokody, Zoltán Rajnai
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Accurate Radiofrequency Identification Tracking in Smart City Railways by Using Drones (str.333-341) engleskipdf 519 KB
Péter Miksa Hell, PéterJános János Varga
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Probabilistic Approach and Fuzzy System Based Support of the Railway Stations’ Smart Security System (str.342-349) engleskipdf 537 KB
Gábor Liebmann, László Hanka, György Schuster
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Brain-Computer Interface-Based Feasibility of Entering Customer Code on Ticket Vending Machines (str.350-359) engleskipdf 736 KB
Dénes Simonyi, Tibor Kovács
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Possible Areas of Application of Drones in Waste Management during Rail Accidents and Disasters (str.360-368) engleskipdf 686 KB
Géza Károly Kiss Leizer
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Are We Ready for Smart Transport? Analysis of Attitude Towards Public Transport in Budapest (str.369-375) engleskipdf 657 KB
János Imre Mezei, Kornélia Lazányi
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Smart and Secure? Millennials on Mobile Devices (str.376-383) engleskipdf 328 KB
Peter Holicza, Esmeralda Kadëna
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Safety and Security through the Design of Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle Systems and Intelligent Infrastructure in the Smart City (str.384-396) engleskipdf 1 MB
Dániel Tokody, Attila Albini, László Ady, Zoltán Rajnai, Ferenc Pongrácz
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Critical Overview of the Cloud-Based Internet of Things Pilot Platforms for Smart Cities (str.397-407) engleskipdf 510 KB
Janos Simon, Gyula Mester
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Networking Technologies for Smart Cities: An Overview (str.408-416) engleskipdf 583 KB
Dalibor Dobrilović
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