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Signa vitae : journal for intesive care and emergency medicine,Vol. 5 No. Suppl. 1
Publication date: September 2010

Published on HRČAK: 30 September 2010
Table of contents Full text
Critical (Intensive) Care Medicine and CPR A Personal History By Max Harry Weil (str.7-9) englishpdf 41 KB
Max Harry
Review article
From Science to Guidelines: The Future for Resuscitation (str.10-12) englishpdf 49 KB
Robert W. Neumar
Review article
Hypothermia during percutaneous coronary intervention in comatose survivors of cardiac arrest (str.13-16) englishpdf 2 MB
Marko Noc
Review article
Targeting the Endothelium (str.17-23) englishpdf 63 KB
Jose A. Adams
Review article
Sex Hormones and Gender Effects following Trauma-Hemorrhage (str.24-27) englishpdf 48 KB
Irshad H. Chaudry, Fariba Moeinpour, Wen-Ke Wang, Shaolong Yang, Raghavan Raju, William B. Hubbard
Review article
The Role of Oxygen in Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation (str.28-31) englishpdf 98 KB
Mark G. Angelos
Review article
Protecting mitochondrial bioenergetic function (str.32-35) englishpdf 49 KB
Raúl J. Gazmuri, Iyad M. Ayoub, Jeejabai Radhakrishnan
Review article
Prehospital monitoring in resuscitation : today and the future (str.36-43) englishpdf 71 KB
Štefek Grmec, Gregor Prosen, Barbara Kit, Matej Strnad, Petra Klemen
Review article
Epidemiology of cardiac arrest outside and inside hospital Experiences from registries in Sweden (str.44-45) englishpdf 41 KB
Johan Herlitz, Solveig Aune, Andreas Claesson, Leif Svensson
Review article
Regional Continuous Quality Improvement in Cardiopulomary Resuscitation optimizing the local “Chain of Survival” (str.46-49) englishpdf 54 KB
Kjetil Sunde
Review article
Regional cardiac resuscitation systems of care (str.50-54) englishpdf 53 KB
Nichol Graham
Review article
Establishing Coronary Patency: A Key to Optimal Post Resuscitation Care (str.55-59) englishpdf 54 KB
Karl B. Kern
Review article
Clinical Trials (str.60-62) englishpdf 47 KB
Tom P. Aufderheide
Review article
Ventricular Fibrillation Waveform Analysis during Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (str.63-65) englishpdf 44 KB
Yongqin Li, Wanchun Tang
Review article
Refibrillation during out-of-hospital arrest: A frequent event with clinical consequences (str.66-68) englishpdf 84 KB
Rudolph W. Koster
Review article
Mechanical CPR devices (str.69-73) englishpdf 171 KB
Henry Halperin, David J. Carver
Review article
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