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International Journal of Engineering Business Management,Vol. 3. No. 1.
Publication date: February 2011

Published on HRČAK: 17 March 2011
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Design and Development of an RFID-based HIS - A Case Study (str.1-8) englishpdf 1 MB
Wu, C.H., Ip, W.H., Kwok, S.K., Ho, G.T.S., Chan, C.Y.
Original scientific paper
The Study on Using Passive RFID Tags for Indoor Positioning (str.9-15) englishpdf 826 KB
Ting, S.L., Kwok, S.K., Albert H.C. Tsang, George T.S. Ho
Original scientific paper
Building Distributed E-Healthcare for Elderly Using RFID and Multi-Agent (str.16-26) englishpdf 830 KB
Chuan-Jun Su, Stephen Chingyu Shih
Original scientific paper
Applications of Fast-Moving RFID Tags in High-speed Railway Systems (str.27-31) englishpdf 503 KB
Xiaoqiang Zhang, Manos Tentzeris
Original scientific paper
Smart MCI Tracking and Tracing System Based on Colored Active RFID TriageTags (str.32-37) englishpdf 884 KB
Ching Hsiang Chang
Original scientific paper
Design of RFID Cloud Services in a Low Bandwidth Network Environment (str.38-43) englishpdf 750 KB
John P.T. Mo, William Lorchirachoonkul
Original scientific paper
Value Chain Flexibility with RFID: A Case Study of the Octopus Card (str.44-49) englishpdf 349 KB
Lam Tak Ming
Original scientific paper
An Investigation of an RFID-based Patient-tracking and Mobile Alert System (str.50-56) englishpdf 982 KB
Yeung, C.L., Kwok, S.K., Mui, H.C.
Original scientific paper
The Application of RFID in Brazilian Harvest Facilities: Two Case Studies (str.57-63) englishpdf 281 KB
Priscilla Cristina Cabral Ribeiro, Annibal José Scavarda, Mário Otávio Batalha
Original scientific paper
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