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Publication date: December 2004

Published on HRČAK: 10 May 2013
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Contents (str.2-3) englishpdf 77 KB
Philosophy and personal worldview - the example of Christian Philosophy (str.5-23)  
Philosophie und Persönliche Weltanschauung - am Beispiel Christlicher Philosophie (str.5-23) germanpdf 223 KB
Otto Muck
Original scientific paper
Is Kant Christian philosopher? (str.25-36)  
Ist Kant ein Christlicher Philosoph? (str.25-36) germanpdf 120 KB
Harald Schöndorf
Original scientific paper
Kant and the problem of religion (str.37-44)  
Kant und das Problem der Religion (str.37-44) germanpdf 116 KB
Philibert Secretan
Professional paper
The type of the rationality of statements about God. Notes on the systematic evaluation of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason (str.45-52)  
Zur Eigenart der Rationalität von Aussagen über Gott. Hinweise zur systematischen Auswertung von Kants Kritik der Reinen Vernunft (str.45-52) germanpdf 173 KB
Christian Kanzian
Professional paper
Critique of Immanuel Kant's criticism (str.53-67) englishpdf 178 KB
Mirko Jakić
Original scientific paper
Man's Freedom and Dignity. On the Occasion of the 200th Anniversary of Immanuel Kant's Death (str.73-76) englishpdf 107 KB
Ivan Koprek
Professional paper
Kant as an Adversarius in the Natural theology or Theodicy of Ante Bauer (str.79-90) englishpdf 173 KB
Nikola Stanković
Original scientific paper
Why is according to Rudolf Brajčić Keilbach's critique of Kant unacceptable to Kant? Is a direct critique of Kant possible? (str.91-96) englishpdf 104 KB
Natali Hrbud
Professional paper
Justification of metaphysics in view of Kant (str.96-71) englishpdf 89 KB
Rudolf Brajčić
Conference paper
Few points on the Kantian philosophy and a critique to Stjepan Zimmeramnn (str.97-118)  
Alcuni punti della Filosofia Kantiana e uno sguardo critico di Stjepan Zimmeramnn (str.97-118) italianpdf 229 KB
Ivan Tadić
Original scientific paper
Hijacint Eterović's reception of Kant's understanding of natural law (str.119-132) englishpdf 177 KB
Hrvoje Lasić
Original scientific paper
How God makes all the difference to morality (str.135-145) englishpdf 135 KB
Richard Swinburne
Original scientific paper
Freedom in responsibility in front of transcendence. Ethical questions by Karl Jaspers (str.147-165)  
Freiheit in Verantwortung vor Transzendenz. Ethische Fragen bei Karl Jaspers (str.147-165) germanpdf 180 KB
Ivan Kordić
Original scientific paper
Church music - Insight from Croatia (str.169-177)  
Kirchenmusik - ein Blick aus Kroatien (str.169-177) germanpdf 120 KB
Katarina Koprek
Professional paper
Corruption prevention in the public sector of the Republic of Croatia (str.179-189) englishpdf 159 KB
Verica Akrap
Original scientific paper
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