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Evaluation of Nutrient Content of Plantain-Lima Bean Momo Using Multivariance Analysis Approach

Elizabeth Oluremi Farinde ; Agricultural Value Addition Programme, Institute of Agricultural Research and Training, Obafemi Awolowo University, PMB 5029, Ibadan, Nigeria

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Dietary diversification necessitates the development of nutrient-rich and healthy food products from indigenous and resilient crops for sustainable food and nutrition security in Nigeria. Both plantain and lima bean are resilient and locally available, especially in the south west of Nigeria, though lima bean is underutilized. The study developed pudding (momo) from plantain and lima bean in order to evaluate the functional properties of the flour and nutrient content of the product and enhance lima bean utilization for nutrition and food security. Composite flour from various combination ratios of unripe plantain and lima bean flour was processed into momo products. The functional properties of the flour samples as well as the nutrient content of the momo products were evaluated. The multivariance analysis approach was used to study the relationship between the chemical data, principal components and experimental samples. There was no significant difference (p>0.05) n the bulk density of the plantain flour and lima bean flour. Water absorption capacity, oil absorption capacity and swelling power were highest in plantain-lima bean flour (PLF). The higher the lima bean flour in the composite mixture, the higher the protein content of the momo samples. Potassium and phosphorous were the highest in 100% plantain-momo, while iron, antioxidant activity and phytochemical compounds were the highest in momo samples containing 50% plantain flour and 50% lima bean flour. The Principal Component Analysis (PCA) of the momo samples showed the locations of the nutrient data and the samples in the quadrants. The PCA revealed that the momo samples were high in the evaluated chemical nutrients. Plantain-lima momo could be harnessed as a potential functional, nutritious and healthy food.

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plantain flour; lima bean flour; momo; nutrient content; principal component analysis

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