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John Dewey's Impact on Education Reforms in Japan, China and The Soviet Union

Vučina Zorić ; Filozofski fakultet, Univerzitet Crne Gore, Nikšić, Crna Gora

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The focus of this theoretical research is on the analysis of the importance of John
Dewey's pedagogical concepts for education reforms in Japan, China and the Soviet Union in
the early twentieth century. The starting point of this paper is the assumption that the
pedagogy of pragmatism is one of the most important directions in the development of
pedagogy, and its influence is present even today. The research has shown that Dewey's
concept of education in these countries was thoroughly studied, highly respected and applied,
but was also modified to a certain extent, and suffered a number of superficial, harsh and
vulgarized interpretations and manipulations. The aim of this paper is to provide the criticism
and do an objective analysis of the influence of Dewey's pedagogical theory and practice.
Using the method of theoretical analysis and historical method in research we have come to
the conclusion that John Dewey and his educational ideas and activities significantly
influenced his contemporaries and educational reforms in Japan, China and the

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John Dewey, Japan, China, the Soviet Union, education reform

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