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How to Improve the Understanding, Agreeing and Collaboration of Children with Learning Disabilities?

Ivana Kljaić

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The quality of teaching depends on student behaviour in the same way that student behaviour is determined by the teaching activities and methods applied. The problem of insufficiently developed social competences of children with learning disabilities represented a tremendous obstacle in the authoress’s teaching practice. The award and punishment method to establish discipline proved to be an inadequate strategy. Instead, developing interpersonal relations, appreciating student needs and capabilities, and working on the development of mutual trust have greatly contributed to creating a positive environment in the classroom. The learning processes and the results achieved under such conditions have also secured significant changes in student behaviour. The authoress has accomplished quality changes in her professional practice by continued and systematic professional training and collaborations with experts in various fields of study, and particularly by conducting action research.

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students with learning disabilities, development of social competences, essential learning, action research

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