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The quality of goat “stelja” dependenton anatomic position

dr. Amir Ganić ; Poljoprivredno-prehrambeni fakultet Univerziteta u Sarajevu
dr. Enver Karahmet ; Poljoprivredno-prehrambeni fakultet Univerziteta u Sarajevu
dr. Faruk Čaklovica ; Veterinarski fakultet Univerziteta u Sarajevu
mr. Leja Zahirović ; Mikrobiološko-kemijski laboratorij za pregled i ispitivanje živežnih namirnica KJP „Veterinarska stanica“ d.o.o. Sarajevo

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Goat meat has a characteristic taste and favorable chemical composition, so its consumption is recommended as a part of a healthy
diet. As foodstuff of animal origin, it is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals and the content of fats, especially of cholesterol, is
low. By its composition goat meat is the most similar to rabbit meat and chicken. Advantages of goat meat, especially due to its low
content of tallow, nowadays especially come to the fore when attitudes and habits of consumers change. The meat of adult goats is
consumed less in fresh condition (roasted or cooked) and more after brining and drying, and in the form of different products, pure
or mixed with other kinds of meat. The goal of this paper was to research sensory, physical – chemical and microbiological characteristics
of goat “stelja”. For this purpose there were taken samples from five different anatomical entities of carcass. Sensorial and
physical researches have shown that goat “stelja” is a complex and specific product by its composition. Chemical analyses of “stelja”
samples determined significant differences in chemical composition of samples from different anatomical positions. The presence of
heavy metals, as well as microbiological quality of goat “stelja” is within the framework of legally prescribed norms.

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goat meat, “stelja”, anatomical part, quality

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