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Correlation between Catholic textbooks and Croatian language and literature in primary and secondary schools

Drago Iličić ; Osnovna škola Antuna Gustava Matoša, Vinkovci, Hrvatska

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str. 297-309

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Contemporary educational systems tend to establish more harmony between wishes and possibilities on one side and need of the modern society on the other. The Croatian National Standard has also the same aspirations. Authors of the standard intend to adjust the Croatian National Standard not only to the one in Europe, but to present Croatian needs, too. One that is not such a novelty, but so far the most emphasized one, is more frequent and specific connection between school subjects. An example is found in primary schools where once a month teachers meet and present their plans for the following month. These plans include topics to be elaborated from all subjects. Where it is possible, subjects get connected and elaboration of certain topics is coordinated.
Comparing textbooks in primary and high schools it becomes obvious that there are a lot of similar or even the same topics in subjects of Religious education and Croatian language and literature. This gives opportunities for practical realization of desired intersubject connection.

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textbooks for primary schools, textbooks for high schools, religious education, Croatian language and literature, correlation

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