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Competencies and teaching: educational-political and pedagogical-theoretical perspective

Marko Palekčić ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu Odsjek za pedagogiju

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This paper considers the relationship between competencies and the teaching process from two perspectives: the perspective of educational politics and the theoretical pedagogical perspective. These two are distinguished by how they address the question of preparing the young for the future: either by means of adjustment through competencies or by means of the aim and purpose of educational classes. On the one hand there is the pragmatic issue of managing the educational system, and on the other there is the thematising of the issue as the essential theoretical pedagogical question. The paper is structured so that competencies are first (I) discussed within the framework of educational-political perspective (a), and then they are addressed within the pedagogical discourse, aiming to answer the question whether competencies are an inherently pedagogical term (b). Secondly (II), the notion of „teaching focused on competencies” (a) is introduced and critically analysed, followed by the analysis of „educational classes” as a pedagogical par to the educational policy requirement for development of competencies in the school (b), ending with (III) a short comparison of the two kinds of reaction to social change: educational classes from the pedagogical theoretical perspective and/or competencies from the non-pedagogical (educational-political) perspective.

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educational classes; competencies; teaching focused on competencies

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