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In this paper the author described the famous Uskok and noble family Rubčić-Rupčić, which belongs to one of the oldest Croatian families. This family was mentioned in documents in the 14th century and is originally from Hum in Herzegovina, the village of Hardomilje, near Ljubuški where ancestors of this family can still be found. When Ottomans occupied Bosnia and Herzegovina in the second half of the 15th century, some members of this family moved to the area of Imotski (Lovreč), Klis and Poljice, for security reasons. They immediately joined the military service and became outstanding defenders of Klis during the strongest Ottoman siege.
After the fall of Klis into the Ottoman hands in 1537 onwards, they run away to Senj where they joined Uskok troops as experienced soldiers and became members of the permanent military troops. They were an eminent and outstanding family in Senja and the most famous amongst them was judge Ivan Rubčić. He was the Rubčić whose coat of arms is preserved on the doorway of his family house in Senj. From Senj they moved to Lika, Gacka, Krbava and Podgorje (Jablanac) during the 18th century onwards. From these places, they moved to other places in Croatia.
In addition of this paper the oldest family nobleman heraldic sign is published, which was also published in Korjenić-Neorić documents of heraldic signs in 1595 and in the Fojnica document of heraldic signs from the beginning of the 17th century. Also published here were the stone coat of arms of Ivan Rubčić, the famous Senj judge, which is found on the doorway of his house in Senj.

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heraldies; uskok family; Rubčić; Rupčić

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