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How Printed Media Re-Construct Croatia's Path to the EU: Example of Globus


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In this paper the authors present findings of the content and
discourse analysis based on the case of Croatian weekly-
-magazine Globus, 2003-2005. The research was carried
out with the aim to detect the modes of media re-
-construction of Croatia's accession to the European Union.
Findings suggest the following conclusions. First, the overall
analysis confirms that the topic of the full accession of
Croatia to the European Union is indeed present in Croatian
daily newspapers and magazine Globus. Second, with
regard to the dominant discourses present in the articles
published in Globus, three very distinguished discourses were
identified: a) 'pro-European discourse' of the leading
columnists and reviewers, b) 'bureaucratic discourse' of the
EU-officials, and c) 'pro-European discourse' of Croatian
officials, mostly members of the recent Croatian government and ruling parties. Third, the collected data support the
thesis that – according to the columnists and journalists of
Globus – the main problem for national actors in accession
negotiations with the EU officials was how to accept, to apply
and then to defend the 'modern concept of the state ruled by
the law' within the public sphere. This is at the same time the
main 'media frame' Globus' journalists and editors used for
presenting the process of negotiations with the EU officials to
the Croatian public.

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Croatia; European Union; negotiations; printed media; discourse; media frame

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