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Physical therapy as a tourist product of medical tourism in Međimurje county

Marina Gregorić orcid id ; Sveučilište Sjever, Koprivnica, Hrvatska
Melita Sečan ; Međimursko veleučilište u Čakovcu, Čakovec, Hrvatska
Ivana Fučko ; Međimursko veleučilište u Čakovcu, Čakovec, Hrvatska
Valentina Pongrac orcid id ; Međimursko veleučilište u Čakovcu, Čakovec, Hrvatska

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Medical tourism, as one of the forms of health tourism in Međimurje County, has the potential for growth in the number of centers providing the service. Physical therapy is underrepresented in the promotional activities of medical centers, although there are indications of increased demand. It is a preventive form of medicine whose function is to improve health, but it is also used in the treatment of various health problems and rehabilitation. Physical therapy requires top-level infrastructure, professional staff and the integration of a healthy lifestyle promoted by all subjects involved in medical tourism. The
aim of the research is to present the current state of medical tourism in Međimurje through the theory, focusing on the state of health care providers providing physical therapy services, as well as identifying the possibilities and determining the role of medical tourism in raising
the competitiveness of Međimurje County. This paper uses desk research methodology which includes the use of secondary data from professional literature, scientific and professional papers and information available on the official websites of medical centers,
polyclinics and healthcare institutions. The paper also uses the primary research method by distributing a questionnaire survey in health centers among those using physical therapy. Based on the results of the research, we can conclude that Međimurje County has a high
potential for further development of this form of health tourism, which is also supported by the strategy of tourism development at the regional level.

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medical tourism; physical therapy; Međimurje County

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