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The usage of dual vocational education and training for entrepreneurship in the light of experience from Poland

Anton Florijan Barišić orcid id ; Veleučilište VERN’, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Joanna Rybacka Barišić ; Chronos Info, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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In several countries in Europe and the world, vocational education and training are based on the principle of dual education. This means that students spend a part of their education and training in a vocational school and another part in a company, being directly involved in regular work activities. A close relationship to work implies that the transition from apprentice to a trained employee is relatively easy compared to formal vocational school education. The principle of dual education within vocational education and training is renowned for its ability to provide the high skilled labor force able to adapt to new and changing business conditions and the adoption of new technologies. In addition, skilled labor force educated through dual education systems is characterized by high mobility. Due to the company’s involvement in the educational processes, dual education provides strong links between the education system and the company. On the other hand, dual education is a relatively inexpensive way to train a skilled workforce when compared to school education systems within vocational education and training. This paper presents different approaches to vocational education and training. Basic vocational education and training models implemented in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England and France are
presented. The system of vocational education and training introduced and implemented in Poland is presented by analyzing reference models of vocational education. The purpose of the paper is to illustrate the practices of different countries and to compare them with the Polish experiences in the development of dual education.

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vocational training; dual vocational educational system; labor market

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