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Quantity of natural phosphorus in poultry meat

Maja Serdar ; Hrvatski zavod za javno zdravstvo, Rockefellerova 7, Zagreb
Marijan Katalenić ; Hrvatski zavod za javno zdravstvo, Rockefellerova 7, Zagreb

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The paper presents the results of determination of natural phosphorus content in various types of poultry meat. Phosphate and polyphosphate additives are added to meat and other food products because of their property of acting as emulsifiers of fat, wate rand protein sand they also stimulate water binding. High phosphorus contents influence food safet yby preventing calcium absorption and they also induce release of calcium from bones. It is therefore indispensable to know the amount of natural phosphorus contained in meat in order to maintain the phosphorus values within limits by addition of synthetic phosphorus to meat products in the course of production. Thus, basic principles of use of additives will be met, according to which use of additives in meat production is allowed, and added quantity technologically justified, and the addition of additives will not mislead the consumers as regards the real nature, ingredients or nutritive values of food products.

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natural phosphorus, poultry meat, food safety

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