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European brown hare (Lepus europaeus Pallas) and its potential in human nutrition - before and nowadays

Dean Konjević orcid id ; Zavod za biologiju, patologiju i uzgoj divljači, Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Veterinarski fakultet, Heinzelova 55, 10000 Zagreb

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European Brown Hare is our best-known small game species. Brown Hare inhabits almost complete continental part of Croatia (with the exception of higher karst habitats)and larger islands. With the beginning of the 60-ties, negative trend in hare population all-around Europe, as well as in Croatia was observed. Partially, this decline in number was compensated through hare farming and subsequent release of farmed hares to nature. According to its chemical composition, hare meat represents valuable food, comparable mainly with rabbit meat.

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hare, population number, chemical composition of meat, food

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