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Vitamins in foods of animal origin

Mario Mašić ; Veterinarska stanica Imotski

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Vitamins are esential and necessary parts of food. They are of different chemical composition, but plants are extremely valnabale providers of vitamins. Complete lack of some vitamin can cause a characeristic disorder which is called avitaminosis. Usually, apartal lack of vitamin is called hypovitaminosis. They can cause bigger or smaller disorders in the important life processes and functions, like breeding, growth, metabolism and also disorder in some organic functions. Vitamins taken in through food or provided through microorganisms (domestic animals) are accumulated in the, intestines and muscles and milk as well. Because of that, food of animal origin is also a saurce of vitamins. One of the rules of healthy food is the presence of suitable quantites of vitamins. Nowadays a problem in nutrition exists in unhealthy food lacking vitamins.

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vitamins, animal foods, nutrition

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