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Toxins fusarium spp. and other toxins (II. part)

Marijan Katalenić ; Hrvatski zavod za javno zdravstvo, Rockeffelerova 7, 10000 Zagreb

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Mycotoxins at low levels represent a risk to both human and animal health. The currently available and precise methods of analysis, mycotoxin toxicity tests and target monitoring of the intake of individual mycotoxins only confirm the potential risk to health. There are still many open questions because of the insufficient number of epidemiological studies in our country on the interconnection of mycotoxins and their impact on human and animal health and on the synergetic action of different mycotoxins. The intake of mycotoxins below the tolerant daily dose does not mean that the risk to human and animal health is thus reduced, especially when considering that other harmful substances may accompany mycotoxins. Fusarium fungi destroy significant amounts of cereals both before harvest and after silage. Their toxins are not classified as particularly toxic, although recently they have been thoroughly investigated in the EU. The task of Croatia in this field is to undertake organised activities for the determination of mycotoxin levels in food and feed and to utilise well the capacities of its analytical laboratories in order to make an accurate assessment of potential hazards.

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Mycotoxins, fungi of Fusarium spp, toxins of Fusarium fungi

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