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Encouraging the Development of Media Literacy in Early and Preschool Education

Kristina Ljubić Nežić orcid id ; Dječji vrtić Vrbovec, Vrbovec, Hrvatska

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The goal of this project is to encourage media literacy in children of early and preschool age, as well as to establish the foundation for their further development in the modern media environment. The age of children is often cited as one of the key factors affecting how media will impact a child. The media have a more significant influence on younger children, however, at the same time, younger children consider parental intervention as positive and desirable. This poses an opportunity as well as a challenge for professionals who work with children in early and preschool education to undertake early interventions and shape children's habits when using media content. The project also includes all factors that have direct contact with children in the context of educational institutions – children, parents and educators. Media content were used as an incentive in working with children, and a workshop with the topic of media influence on children was organized with parents and teachers. The results of the survey conducted among parents and educators indicate a significant need for their education in order to improve their own competences as a basis for the further development of media literacy in children.

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children, educators, parents, early and preschool education, media literacy

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