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  • Publication date: 07.11.2018.
  • Published on HRČAK: 07.11.2018.

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The Role of Social Norms in the Structural Model Explaining Alcohol Use Among Students (page 605-628)

Monika Magdová Brutovská
Original scientific paper

Budget Transparency of Local Governments: The Political Economy of City and Municipality Budgets in Croatia (page 629-647)

Katarina Ott, Velibor Mačkić, Mihaela Bronić
Original scientific paper

National Innovation System: Where do Government and Business Diverge? (page 649-669)

Ernest Vlačić, Marina Dabić, Zoran Aralica
Original scientific paper

Predictors of Early Retirement Intentions in Croatia (page 671-690)

Marijana Bađun, Šime Smolić
Original scientific paper

Exercise Dependence – The Role of Perfectionism and Disordered Eating (page 713-733)

Ivana Garilović, Ivana Macuka
Original scientific paper

Brendiranje Europske Rusije kao turističke destinacije: empirijsko istraživanje slika projiciranih na internetu (page 735-755)

Tanja Armenski, Uglješa Stankov, Hwan-Suk Choi
Original scientific paper

Luke Martell: The Sociology of Globalization (2nd Edition) (page 762-767)

Ivan Rogić
Case report

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