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  • Publication date: 17.06.2019.
  • Published on HRČAK: 17.06.2019.

Table of contents

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Investigation of piles behavior under lateral cyclic load (page 213-220)

Chunhui Liu, Liang Tang, Xianzhang Ling
Original scientific paper

The failure process of mortars during sulfate attack (page 221-228)

Kaiwei Liu, Aiguo Wang, Daosheng Sun, Yan Li, Jinhui Tang
Original scientific paper

External characteristic analysis and stator parameter optimization for a torque converter (page 229-235)

Maotao Zhu, Na Li, Songlin He
Original scientific paper

Effect of cooling rate on microstructure of B2-NiSc intermetallics (page 236-242)

Zhipeng Yuan, Hao Chen, Hongbao Cui, Yatao Chang, Xuefeng Guo
Original scientific paper

Video denoising with adaptive temporal averaging (page 243-247)

V. B. Surya Prasath
Original scientific paper

Effect of nano silica (SiO2) on the hydration kinetics of cement (page 248-260)

Taher Abu-Lebdeh, Relly Victoria Virgil Petrescu, Moayyad Al-Nasra, Florian Ion Tiberiu Petrescu
Original scientific paper

Numerical investigation of forced convective heat transfer around a solid circular cylinder utilizing nanofluid in unsteady regime (page 261-269)

Khelili Yacine, Abderrazak Allali, Rafik Bouakkaz
Original scientific paper

The impact of supply phase shift on the three phase induction motor operation (page 270-282)

Aderibigbe Adekitan, Ayodeji S. O. Ogunjuyigbe, Temitope R. Ayodele
Original scientific paper

Thermal testing of the light pipe prototype (page 283-291)

Ayodeji Omishore, Miloš Kalousek, Petr Mohelnik
Original scientific paper

Surface stress evolution and cracks prevention of ingots during the upsetting process (page 292-301)

Guofa Mi, Junqiang Zhang, Bin Xu, Mingyue Sun, Junqiang Zhang
Original scientific paper

An analytical approximation of the transient response of a voltage dependent supercapacitor model (page 310-319)

Tomislav Barić, Hrvoje Glavaš, Ružica Kljajić
Original scientific paper

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