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  • Publication date: 29.03.2021.
  • Published on HRČAK: 15.03.2021.

Table of contents

Full text

The Torments of Upbringing in Scarce Times (page 0-0)

Jadranka Garmaz

Translations of Napoleon’s Catechism (1806) in Dalmatia and Illyrian Provinces, part one (page 30-31)

Teodora Shek Brnardić
Original scientific paper

Some of the Obstacles to Forgiveness in a Secular Society (page 53-53)

Zorica Maros
Review article

Three Holy Marys in Croatian Passion Folk Literature (page 83-84)

Marko Dragić
Original scientific paper

Challenges and Fruits of the Work of Charismatic Movement Today (page 107-107)

Nikola Vranješ, Ivan Seletković
Review article

Building, Fishing and Writing of Petar Hektorović (page 123-124)

Ante Topčić
Original scientific paper

Sredozemlje (Mediteran) – mjesto susreta i mira (page 125-156)

Želimir Puljić
Conference paper

Family - a Source of Life and Joy (page 157-163)

Alojzije Čondić
Book review

Croatian Christian Terminology (page 164-170)

Jelena Alfirević
Book review

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