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  • Publication date: 01.10.2021.
  • Published on HRČAK: 14.09.2021.

Table of contents

Full text

Preliminary report on the archaeological research of the site Stari grad Ljubuški (page 52-52)

Nina Čuljak, Ante Uglešić
Preliminary communication

Medieval Bosnia-Hum rulers and potentates in the odonyms of Herzegovina (page 72-72)

Dijana Korać, Marina Beus
Preliminary communication

Fights for Livno in April 1992 - contribution to the research (page 276-276)

Davor Marijan
Original scientific paper

Places of encounter in the essays of Dzevad Karahasan. Topology as cosmogony (page 310-310)

Jela Sabljić Vujica
Original scientific paper

Lexical archaisms in some Western Shtokavian dialects (page 326-326)

Marinka Šimić
Original scientific paper

Miscellanea Hadriatica et Mediterranea, 7, Zadar, 2020., 258 str. (page 379-381)

Goran Mijočević
Case report

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