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Technical Journal , Vol. 16 No. 3, 2022.

  • Publication date: 21.06.2022.
  • Published on HRČAK: 21.06.2022.

Table of contents

Full text

Effects of Non-Wood Fibres in Printed Paper Substrate on Barrier and Migration Properties (page 299-305)

Mia Kurek, Irena Bates, Ivana Plazonić, Maja Rudolf, Valentina Radić Seleš, Kata Galić, Katja Petric Maretić
Preliminary communication

An Enhanced AdaBoost Classifier for Smart City Big Data Analytics (page 306-310)

Fahd S. Alotaibi
Preliminary communication

Influence of Infill Pattern on 3D-Printed Parts Compression Strength (page 315-319)

Damir Godec, Karlo Križetić, Ana Pilipović
Preliminary communication

Context-Driven Method in Realization of Optimized Human-Robot Interaction (page 320-327)

Leon Koren, Tomislav Stipančić, Andrija Ričko, Juraj Benić
Preliminary communication

DISPO 4.0 | Simulation-Based Optimization of Stochastic Demand Calculation in Consumption-Based Material Planning in the Capital Goods Industry (page 328-335)

Alexander Schmid, Felix Kamhuber, Thomas Sobottka, Wilfried Sihn
Preliminary communication

Condition Monitoring of Rotary Machinery Using Industrial IOT Framework: Step to Smart Maintenance (page 343-352)

Davor Kolar, Dragutin Lisjak, Martin Curman, Michał Pająk
Preliminary communication

Inspecting the Effects of Moisture Bridge on the Performance of Building and Providing Appropriate Preventive Solutions (page 353-361)

Hayyan Ashrafi, Behrouz Mohammad Kari
Preliminary communication

Analysis of Economic-Physical Resilience of Cities: Islamshahr City, Iran (page 362-370)

Samad Alaeie, Ali Tavakolan, Rahim Sarvar
Preliminary communication

Role of Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management in Solving Business Problems (page 371-378)

Eissa Mohammed Ali Qhal
Preliminary communication

Examining E-Commerce Satisfaction and Sales Growth Considering the Role of Trust in Social Commerce (page 379-384)

Mohammad Hosein Omranifard, Mohammad Robatmili
Preliminary communication

Design of Information Visualizations in the Internet of Nano-Things Air Quality Systems (page 385-393)

Ana Svalina, Ivana Bolanča Mirković
Review article

Detecting Arabic Offensive Language in Microblogs Using Domain-Specific Word Embeddings and Deep Learning (page 394-400)

Khulood O. Aljuhani, Khaled H. Alyoubi, Fahd S. Alotaibi
Review article

Knowledge Sharing in International Business: A Literature Review Study (page 401-411)

Bandar Abdullah, Abdulrahman Alqarni
Review article

Process & Software Selection for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) (page 412-419)

Bernhard Axmann, Harmoko Harmoko
Review article

Linear Displacement and Straightness Measurement by Fabry-Perot Interferometer Integrated with an Optoelectronic Module (page 420-425)

Syuan-Cheng Chang, Chung-Ping Chang, Yung-Cheng Wang, Ze-Fong You
Review article

Design and Establishment of a Learning Factory at the FMENA Zagreb (page 426-431)

Miro Hegedić, Petar Gregurić, Mihael Gudlin, Matija Golec, Anja Đenadija, Nataša Tošanović, Nedeljko Štefanić
Review article

Financial Sustainability in Austrian Industrial Companies (page 432-437)

Claudia Brandstätter, Marina Schober, Daniela Wilfinger
Review article

Implications of the Digitalization on Human-Resource-Controlling (page 438-443)

Daniela Wilfinger, Claudia Brandstätter, Julia Mitteregger
Review article

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