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  • Publication date: 24.12.2008.
  • Published on HRČAK: 29.12.2008.

Table of contents

Full text

Assessment of Earthquake Architecture as a Link between Architecture and Earthquake Engineering (page 155-167)

Tomaž Slak, Vojko Kilar
Original scientific paper

Conversion of Bastion Fortifications in Osijek (page 168-179)

Damir Krajnik, Mladen Obad Šćitaroci
Original scientific paper

The old Hajduk football field in Split; Historical and Spatial Development (page 180-191)

Stanko Piplović
Original scientific paper

Projects and Realizations by Vladimir Šterk in Zagreb Between 1923 and 1941 (page 192-209)

Darko Kahle
Original scientific paper

Urban and Architectural Features of the Housing Development Trstik in Zagreb (page 224-231)

Ivan Mlinar
Preliminary communication

Urban Development Plan; Zagreb as an Example of its Role and Significance (page 232-245)

Ana Mrak-Taritaš
Review article

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