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  • Publication date: 27.04.2009.
  • Published on HRČAK: 16.06.2009.

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Impresum (page 0-0)


SADRŽAJ (page 1-1)

CONTENTS (page 2-2)


UVODNIK (page 3-3)

EDITORIAL (page 4-4)

Borivoje Rajković

Self-Adaptive Predictive Functional Control of Temperature in an Exothermic Batch Reactor (page 7-16)

Gorazd Karer, Gašper Mušič, Igor Škrjanc, Borut Zupančič
Original scientific paper

Model-Driven Software Development and Descrete Event Simulation — Concepts and Example (page 17-27)

Thomas Sandu, Nicolas Denz, Bernd Page
Original scientific paper

A Pallet Packing CPN Optimization Approach for Distribution Center (page 29-38)

Miquel Angel Piera, Catya Zuñiga, Miguel Mújica
Original scientific paper

Modelling and Simulation of Transportation Systems: a Scenario Planning Approach (page 39-50)

George Papageorgiou, Pantelis Damianou, Andreas Pitsillides, Thrasos Aphamis, Demetris Charalambous, Petros Ioannou
Original scientific paper

Free Space Representation for Biped Walking Robots (page 51-64)

Robert Cupec, Günther Schmidt
Original scientific paper

Experimental Comparison of Sonar Based Occupancy Grid Mapping Methods (page 65-79)

Edouard Ivanjko, Ivan Petrović, Mišel Brezak
Original scientific paper

Multi-agent Highway Toll Collection System (page 81-91)

Maja Štula, Saša Mladenović
Preliminary communication

On Design, Measurement Tools and Robust Control of Wireless Telecommunication Networks (page 93-99)

Jyotirmay Gadewadikar, Ognjen Kuljaca, Frank L. Lewis
Preliminary communication

Savjetovanja i priredbe (page 107-108)


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