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  • Publication date: 12.12.2011.
  • Published on HRČAK: 15.12.2011.

Table of contents

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Some aspects of implementing grid-connected PV systems (page 71-79)

Dubravko Franković, Marijana Živić Đurović, Saša Saldić
Original scientific paper

Design proposal for a hydrostatic city bus transmission (page 81-89)

Željko Vrcan, Dubravka Siminiati, Neven Lovrin
Original scientific paper

J-integral as possible criterion in material fracture toughness assessment (page 91-96)

Goran Vukelić, Josip Brnić
Original scientific paper

Corrosion properties of structured sheet metals in salt environment (page 97-104)

Elena Kornienko, Ralf Ossenbrink, Vesselin Michailov
Original scientific paper

Upsetting of bimetallic components in closed die (page 105-109)

Miroslav Plančak, Zlatan Car, Dragiša Vilotić, Dejan Movrin, Marko Kršulja
Original scientific paper

Mechano-chemical synthesis of nanostructured hydride composites based on Li-Al-N-Mg for solid state hydrogen storage (page 111-123)

Robert A. Varin, Leszek Zbroniec, Minchul Jang
Original scientific paper

Porosity evolution in aluminum alloy 2024 bop and butt defocused welding by Yb-YAG disk laser (page 125-132)

Vittorio Alfieri, Francesco Cardaropoli, Fabrizia Caiazzo, Vincenzo Sergi
Original scientific paper

Multi-mode microscopy using diffractive optical elements (page 133-139)

Yan Feng, Louisa Scholz, David Lee, Heather Dalgarno, David Foo, Lei Yang, Weiping Lu, Alan Greenaway
Original scientific paper

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