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  • Publication date: 24.07.2012.
  • Published on HRČAK: 25.07.2012.

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Uvodnik (page 0-0)


Sadržaj (page 0-0)

Content (page 0-0)


Functional Properties of Mushroom Dietary Fibres (page 0-0)

Irena Jeličić, Katarina Lisak
Review article

Influence of Dietary Treatment on Lipid Metabolism in Metabolic Syndrome (page 69-77)

Renata Teparić, Irena Landeka, Jelena Tomić, Domagoj Đikić
Review article

Changes of Agronomic and Quality Traits in Fusarium-inoculated Wheat Genotypes (page 85-89)

Valentina Spanic, Georg Drezner, Daniela Horvat
Original scientific paper

Isolation, Purification and Biochemical Characterization of CGTase from Bacillus halodurans (page 90-97)

Sunil S. More, Niraja R., Chris Evelyn, Akshata M. Byadgi, Shwetha V., Shubhrabarani Das Mangaraj
Original scientific paper

Chemical Properties of Pumpkin Dried by Different Methods (page 98-105)

Francisca Henriques, Raquel Guiné, Maria João Barroca
Original scientific paper

Effect of Drying Methods on Physicochemical Properties of Pretreated Tomato (lycopersicon esculentum mill.) Slices (page 106-111)

John Owusu, Haile Ma, Zhenbin Wang, Agnes Amissah
Original scientific paper

Comparison Between Different Cultivation Techniques for Bioethanol Production from Raw Sugar Beet Juice (page 112-117)

Mladen Pavlečić, Vedran Lulić, Slavica Gašpari, Mirela Ivančić Šantek, Predrag Horvat, Božidar Šantek
Original scientific paper

The Effect of Total Oxygen Concentraction in the Bottle on the Beer Quality During Storage (page 118-125)

Mladen Pavlečić, Dino Tepalović, Mirela Ivančić Šantek, Tonči Rezić, Božidar Šantek
Original scientific paper

Possibilities of Nanotechnology Application in the Food Sector with Reference on its Consumers Acceptance (page 126-131)

Nada Knežević, Mario Šćetar, Kata Galić
Professional paper

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