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  • Publication date: 03.10.2006.
  • Published on HRČAK: 31.07.2007.

Table of contents

Full text

In memoriam: Istvan Gyorgy Toth (1956.- 2005.) (page 80-82)

Robert Skenderović
In memoriam, Obituary

Goti i južna Panonija (page 83-126)

Goths and South Pannonia (page 83-126)

Hrvoje Gračanin
Original scientific paper

Gorjani – the medieval seat of the noble family Gorjanski (page 127-159)

Krešimir Regan
Original scientific paper

Imposed duality: foundation of the free military community in Vinkovci (1765-1787) (page 183-193)

Damir Matanović
Original scientific paper

Izidor Kršnjavi als Broder Abgeordneter im Kroatischen Parlament 1884.-1887. (page 217-233)

Mato Artuković
Original scientific paper

Požega Archives’ materials on World War I spies (page 267-289)

Hrvoje Čapo
Original scientific paper

Croatian Philanthropist Ladies’ Society in Brod na Savi, 1895-1941. (page 290-304)

Ivan Medved
Professional paper

The political stage in Virovitica between 1922 and 1923 (page 305-341)

Ivica Miškulin
Original scientific paper

Filip Markotić, lawyer from Brod – a ‘right-wing’ HSS member? (page 402-447)

Suzana Leček
Original scientific paper

Anglo-American air strikes on Slavonski Brod and Bosanski Brod areas during the Second World War (page 469-496)

Marica Karakaš Obradov
Original scientific paper

From a Jewish settlement in Tenja to a concentration camp (page 497-514)

Zlata Živaković-Kerže
Original scientific paper

Confiscating the Church property in Našice deanery, 1945-1966 (page 515-538)

Miroslav Akmadža, Anđelko Vlašić
Original scientific paper

Kritike, prikazi, osvrti (page 771-824)

Book reviews (page 771-824)

Različiti autori
Case report

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