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Pathological videogame use: the role of gender, self-esteem and educational context

Vesna Bilić orcid id ; Učiteljski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu
Tajana Ljubin Golub ; Učiteljski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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Rationale: This research examined factors associated with pathological use of video games, i.e. videogames addiction (VA) in adolescence. The first aim of the study was to investigate prevalence of addiction to videoames among secondary school students in Zagreb area in Croatia. The second aim was to examine the relationship of gender, self-esteem and educational context
in tendency toward pathological videogaming. Method: A sample of 184 (56,5 % female) students from gymnasia and 143 (44,1% female) students from professional schools took part in the study. Videogame addiction was assessed using the modifed version of Young Internet Addiction Diagnostic Questionnaire, and self-esteem by Rosenberg Self-esteem scale. Results: The majority of respondents were classified as normal users of the video games while only minority as patological video users (13.1% of boys and 1.8% of girls). ANOVA results revealed significant all main effects and a significant three-way interaction among gender, education conteext and self-esteem. Being male, having low self-esteem and attending professional school were factors associated with increased tendency to VA. Gymnasian educational context exacerebated the link between poor self-esteem and videogame addiction for boys, but not for girls. The results can be interpreted as a first hint for a prevalence estimation of pathological video gaming in Croatian adolescents from Zagreb area. Additionally, results suggested different role of low self-esteem for boys and for girls in competitive and academically demanding context.


videogame addiction; self-esteem; educational context

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