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Preliminary communication

The Role of Science and Society Textbooks in Stimulating Pupils' Competencies

Jelena Proleta ; OŠ Vladimir Nazor, Čepin, Hrvatska
Vesna Svalina ; Učiteljski fakultet, Sveučilište J. J. Strossmayera u Osijeku, Hrvatska

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The new curricular approach is based on the development of students'
competencies, which conforms to the European educational policies. Reproduction of
knowledge has been replaced by different levels of educational achievement, which reflects
the development of competencies. Although the equipment of classrooms with contemporary
didactical means and aids, strategies and scenarios are constantly improving, the textbook
still remains the basic teaching medium that is commonly used by teachers in teaching. For
that reason we made textbooks and workbooks a point of interest in our research. The goal of
the conducted research was to ascertain which levels of knowledge are stimulated by means
of questions for exercise, repetition and testing in textbooks and workbooks for the science
and society course in the 3rd grade. The analysis of the questions was based on Bloom's
taxonomy. The research results showed a discrepancy among the analysed textbooks and
workbooks, an uneven representation of the questions on individual levels and the highest
representation of questions on the lower levels of knowledge.


science and society, textbooks, workbooks, 3rd grade, levels of educational achievements, cognitive learning domain, Bloom’s taxonomy

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