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Original scientific paper

Attitudes of History Teachers in Regular Elementary Schools Towards Integrated Hearing Impaired Pupils and Pupils With Speech and Language Disorders in Communication and Specific Difficulties in Studying

Adinda Dulčić ; Poliklinika SUVAG
Koraljka Bakota ; Poliklinika SUVAG

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In this paper we analyze the attitudes of history teachers in elementary schools of northwest Croatia towards the pupils with hearing and/or speech impairments and the pupils with speech and voice disorders in communication and specific difficulties in studying integrated into regular schools. Investigation includes 78 history teachers in some regular elementary schools of northwest region of the Republic of Croatia: City of Zagreb – West, Ivanić Grad - Zagreb county, Zaprešić – Zagreb county, Sisak. From the obtained results it is obvious that history teachers have the most favourable attitudes towards the process of integration, but they are les favourable towards the conditions of work and implementation of educational integration. The analysis of obtained results shows that history teachers have predominantly negative attitudes towards the conditions of teaching in which educational integration is carried out when a pupil with difficulties in development is in the class. The results of examination of history teachers’ attitudes are mostly uniform, i.e. there is no statistically significant difference. In northwest Croatia for some variables statistically significant difference is obtained in the sample of examinees inside the County of Zagreb.


History teachers’ attitudes, pupils with hearing and/or speech impairments, pupils with speech and voice disorders in communication and specific difficulties in studying, educational integration

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