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Original scientific paper

Human – The Final Frontier. Biotechnology of (Dis)Creation and Arrival of Posthuman

Krunoslav Nikodem ; University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zagreb, Croatia

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The starting hypothesis of this paper is creation of posthuman (post biological) intelligent life forms as a main goal of contemporary biotechnology and bioscience development. With that human category become postevolutional “final frontier”. Namely, in the postmodern sociocultural context, contradictious attitudes about necessity of posthuman for human survival is forcing by modern bio techno-scientific system. Possibilities of posthuman life development are opening many questions, controversies, promises and fears. From the beginning of human societies (communities), one of the basic human fears was fear of “intelligent other” existence (from titans, gods, women, cyborgs to super race of genii). On the other side, the basic promise, resulting from application of biotechnological and bioscientifical researches, is promise of “this-worldly” immortal life. In that context, this paper is analyzing human-post human differentiation and possible problems in the development of post human life forms.


biotechnology; bioscience; human; posthuman; final frontier

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