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Professional paper

Student Perceptions of Research Work in Geography Teaching: Motivation, Difficulties, and Values

Karlo Mak orcid id ; Antun Gustav Matoš Grammar School, Samobor
Ivan Ivić ; University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science, Department of Geography

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With the recent reform of the Geography curriculum in Croatia, the learning outcomes related to the research work have become one of the most important innovations. The first insight into the degree of achievement of these learning outcomes in the first years of their application has shown difficulties in data collection, processing, and analysis, as well as in proper citation and bibliography writing, while the overall degree of the learning outcomes achievement indicates that there is room for improvement. With the aim of gaining a more comprehensive insight into the student perceptions, students in Antun Gustav Matoš Grammar School in Samobor, whose work was analyzed in the study by Ivić et al. (2021), were interviewed. Although the results indicate relatively low levels of motivation and negative perceptions of the creation process, students’ perceptions of the research as a very useful teaching practice provide a solid foundation for its further application.


geography teaching; research work; students’ motivation; students’ perception

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