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Meso : prvi hrvatski časopis o mesu, Vol.VII No.1 Veljača 2005.

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Sweet delicacy from hunter's kitchen - badger (Melles melles L.)

Dean Konjević ; Katedra za biologiju, patologiju i uzgoj divljači, Veterinarski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Heinzelova 55, 10000 Zagreb

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Konjević, D. (2005). Slatka tajna lovačke kuhinje - jazavac obični (Melles melles L.). Meso : prvi hrvatski časopis o mesu, VII(1), 46-49. Preuzeto s

Coming from the Mustelid family, badger is Croatian autochthonous game species. Even though badgers are rarely hunted and consumed nowadays, it can participate in human nutrition in several ways. Basic hunting methods used during hunting season are stalking, shooting on the burrow opening or in the field, and rarely by hunting dogs or digging from the burrow. After the hunting it is necessary to submit badgers for sanitary inspection, performed by veterinary experts. Special emphasis should be placed on trichinelosis. Scent glands are to be removed as soon as possible. Badger’s meat is usually preserved and prepared by drying and smoking procedure, or, not so frequently by roasting or as goulash.

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badger; game; hunt; analysis on trichinelosis; badger meat

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