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Croatica Chemica Acta, Vol. 64 No. 4, 1991

Publication date: February 1992

Published on HRČAK: 09 April 2015
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Correlations Between Effective Crystal Radii and Unit Cell Volume in Tutton Salts (str.577-583) englishpdf 9 MB
V. Petruševski, S. Aleksovska
Original scientific paper
Study of Simple and Mixed Ligand Complexes of Copper Ions with some Amino-Acids and Succinate Anions by Differential Pulse Polarography - II (str.585-592) englishpdf 9 MB
H. M. Killa, E. M. Mabrouk, M. M. Moustafa, R. M. Issa
Original scientific paper
Ferrocene Compounds. XVIII. Synthesis of some 1,1’-Bis(ureidomethyl)ferrocene Derivatives (str.593-597) englishpdf 5 MB
Spomenka Kovač, Vladimir Rapić
Original scientific paper
Synthesis of 8-Methyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydropyrido-[3,4-d]pyrimidine-2,4-diones (str.599-606) englishpdf 11 MB
Nedjeljko Kujundžić, Berislav Glunčić
Original scientific paper
Electrochemical Investigations on Hydrazono Compounds (str.607-617) englishpdf 13 MB
Rajeev Jain, D. D. Agarwal, P. Pandey, R. K. Shrivastava
Original scientific paper
Reduction of Tetrabutylammonium Ion on Metal and Alloy Electrodes (str.619-623) englishpdf 5 MB
Zlatko Vajtner
Short communication, Note
Solvent Polarity and Supporting Electrolyte Concentration Influences on Faradaic Conductivity of Quinhydrone Solutions (str.625-635) englishpdf 15 MB
Šebojka Komorsky-Lovrić, Milivoj Lovrić
Original scientific paper
Stereochemical Studies of some 12a-Substituted Rotenoid Derivatives (str.637-647) englishpdf 14 MB
Ivanka Kostova, Nikolina Berova, Petko Ivanov, Bozhana Mikhova, Rositza Rakovska, Gunther Snatzke
Original scientific paper
Bonding Types in the Mixtures NiSnM, PdSnM, and PtSnM (str.649-654) englishpdf 9 MB
K. Schubert
Original scientific paper
Implementation of Selective Heteronuclear 2D J-Resolved Method on Standard NMR Spectrometers and Selective Proton Pulse Calibration (str.655-662) englishpdf 11 MB
S. Golič-Grdadolnik, D. Mugerli, J. Kidrič
Original scientific paper
Solvation of Chloropentaamminecobalt(III) Ion in Water-Dimethyl Sulfoxide Mixtures (str.663-672) englishpdf 14 MB
Warren L. Reynolds, Steven Davis, Mira Glavaš
Original scientific paper
The Use of Phenanthrenequinonedioxime Supported on Naphthalene for the Preconcentration and Determination of Copper in Alloys and Human Hair (str.673-678) englishpdf 8 MB
Bal Krishan Puri, Masatada Satake, Jing Ri Lee
Original scientific paper
Kinetic-Potentiometric Determination of Fe(III) using a Fluoride Ion-Selective Electrode (str.679-687) englishpdf 10 MB
Njegomir Radić, Josipa Komljenović
Original scientific paper
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