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Croatica Chemica Acta, Vol. 49 No. 1, 1977

Croatica Chemica Acta,Vol. 49 No. 1
Publication date: March 1977

Published on HRČAK: 31 March 2018
Table of contents Full text
On the Aging and Colloid Properties of Agl Sols (str.1-5) englishpdf 2 MB
R. Despotović, J. Kapetanović
Original scientific paper
Heterogeneous Exchange of Mixed Precipitates. [Agl + PbI2] solid in KI Solution (str.7-14) englishpdf 3 MB
R. Despotović, Z. Despotović, S. Popović, L. Prodanović, B. Tomaš
Original scientific paper
Characterization of the Precipitation Processes of Negatively Charged Silver Bromide by the Influence of Non-Ionic Surface-Active Agent and Temperature Change (str.15-24) englishpdf 3 MB
V. Hrust, B. Težak
Original scientific paper
A Quasi-Adiabatic Reaction Calorimeter for Measurements in Liquids (str.25-30) englishpdf 2 MB
B. B. Radak, V. I. Matić, V. M. Radak
Short communication, Note
The Methanol-Trimethoxyborane Azeotrope as a Solvent (str.31-39) englishpdf 3 MB
M. M. Kreevoy, S . S. Kantner
Original scientific paper
The Methanol-Trimethoxyborane Azeotrope as a Solvent for Acid-Catalyzed Reactions. Methyl Esterification (str.41-46) englishpdf 2 MB
M. M. Kreevoy, S. S. Kantner
Original scientific paper
Solvolysis Reactions of tert-Butyl Chloride and Methyl Tosylate in Trimethoxyborane Methanol Mixtures (str.47-56) englishpdf 4 MB
I. Szele, B. Mulac
Original scientific paper
The Kinetics of Aquation of cis-Bispyridinetetraaquachromium(III) Ion (str.57-63) englishpdf 3 MB
A. Bakač, M. Orhanović
Original scientific paper
Kinetic Study of the Substitution of Pyridine by Cyanide in the bis(pyridine)cobalt(IIl)hematoporphyrin-IX: Distinguishing between the Id and D Mechanism (str.65-68) englishpdf 1 MB
M. Biruš, M. Pribanić
Preliminary communication
Gaussian Quadrature for Computation of the Auxiliary Integral Bn (y) (str.69-74) englishpdf 2 MB
L. Jakab
Short communication, Note
Maximum Overlap Molecular Orbitals in Square Pyramidal (CH)5+ Cation (str.75-81) englishpdf 3 MB
King-Mo Sun, Wai-Kee Li
Original scientific paper
CNDO/2 Study of C2H2 + H2O System (str.83-88) englishpdf 2 MB
D. Bonchev
Short communication, Note
On the Topological Spectra of Composite Molecular Systems (str.89-100) englishpdf 4 MB
T. Živković, N. Trinajstić, M. Randić
Short communication, Note
Resonance Energy as a Criterion for Reactivities of Conjugated Hydrocarbons (str.101-105) englishpdf 2 MB
M. Milun, N. Trinajstić
Short communication, Note
On the Aromatic Stability of Positional Isomers Consisting of Bicyclic Systems Composed Entirely of Five-Membered Heterocycles (str.107-113) englishpdf 2 MB
M. Milun, N. Trinajstić
Original scientific paper
Note on Branching (str.115-121) englishpdf 3 MB
D. M. Cvetković, I. Gutman
Original scientific paper
Aromatic Iodination of Diethylstilbestrol Diphosphate (str.123-126) englishpdf 2 MB
D. Maysinger, W. Wolf, J. Casanova, M. Tarle
Short communication, Note
Infrared Spectra of Organophosphorus Compounds. III. (str.127-133) englishpdf 3 MB
V. Jagodić
Original scientific paper
Heterocycles. CLVII. Oxidative Transformations of Some Heterocyclic Hydrazones with Lead Tetraacetate (str.135-140) englishpdf 3 MB
B. Stanovnik, M. Tišler
Original scientific paper
The Action of Hydrazines upon 'Thiazolidine-4-carboxylic Acids I. Preparation of D-Penicillamine from D-Benzylpenilloic Acid (str.141-148) englishpdf 3 MB
J. J. Herak, M. Kovačević, B. Gašpert
Original scientific paper
A Gel-Chromatographic and Light Scattering Study of the Salmonella typhi Endotoxin (str.149-162) englishpdf 7 MB
Gj. Deželić, N. Deželić, D. Jušić, B. Pende, D. Sinković, M. Zebec
Original scientific paper
Book Reviews (str.A1-A4) englishpdf 3 MB
Case report  
Announcements (str.C1-C3) englishpdf 577 KB
A New Electrode System With Efficient Mixing of Electrolyte (str.L1-L5) englishpdf 2 MB
T. Magjer, M. Branica
Letter to the Editor
Explicit Formulae for the Calculation of Molecular Multipole Moments Over Slater Type Orbitals englishpdf 1 MB
Ante Graovac, Zvonimir B . Maksić, Josip Mikac
Table of Contents englishpdf 2 MB
Impressum englishpdf 780 KB
Conclusion englishpdf 81 KB
Cover Page englishpdf 914 KB
Bibliographia Chemica Croatica 1974 englishpdf 6 MB
Ad englishpdf 2 MB
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