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Publication date: January 2019

Published on HRČAK: 14 January 2019
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An energy balance and mobility prediction clustering algrithm for large-scale UAV ad hoc networks (str.1-10) englishpdf 406 KB
Kun Fang, Le Ru, Yunlong Yu, Xufeng Jia, Shuguang Liu
Original scientific paper
Structural reliability and its sensitivity analysis based on the saddlepoint approximation-line sampling method by dichotomy of golden section (str.11-20) englishpdf 197 KB
Ganqing Zhang, Yanghui Xiang, Huixin Guo, Yonghong Nie
Original scientific paper
Active control for machinery equipment induced structural vibration using H∞ criterion and PSO technique (str.21-28) englishpdf 352 KB
Xu Jian, Zhang Tong-yi, Huang Wei, Hu Ming-yi, Qin Jing-wei, Zu Xiao-chen
Original scientific paper
The casting process and high temperature oxidation resistance of high chromium cast iron grate bar (str.29-36) englishpdf 873 KB
Chen Zhiru, Xu Lei, Zhao Linwei, Wang Youchao, Li Changyun, Mi Guofa
Original scientific paper
Correlation between seismic wave velocity, rock porosity and maximum principal stress based on the laboratory test data (str.37-46) englishpdf 684 KB
Jinfei Chai, Shunchuan Wu, Maria Tibbo
Original scientific paper
New efficient designs of reversible logic gates and circuits in the QCA technology (str.47-59) englishpdf 1 MB
Abbas Rezaei
Original scientific paper
Powerful mobile nodes for enhancing wireless sensor networks' security and lifetime (str.60-70) englishpdf 266 KB
Med Saïd Salah, Abderrahim Maizate, Mohamed Ouzzif, Mohamed Toumi
Original scientific paper
Fire resistance of circulat steel tubes infilled with ultra-high strength concrete with external fire protection (str.71-80) englishpdf 1 MB
Xiao Lyu, Erfeng Du, Ran Li
Original scientific paper
A nanodiamond for structural biomimetic scaffolds (str.81-89) englishpdf 343 KB
Raffaella Aversa, Relly Victoria Virgil Petrescu, Antonio Apicella, Florian Ion Tiberiu Petrescu
Original scientific paper
Application of model-based design tool X2C in induction machine vector control (str.90-104) englishpdf 954 KB
Nikola Lopac, Gordan Šegon, Neven Bulić
Original scientific paper
Fundamental period and damping of experimentally tested reinforced-concrete building under different damage levels (str.105-114) englishpdf 318 KB
Adriana Cerovečki, Ivan Kraus
Original scientific paper
Synthesis of Ti-Zr alloy by powder metallurgy (str.115-123) englishpdf 713 KB
Ljerka Slokar, Anita Štrkalj, Zoran Glavaš
Original scientific paper
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